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Delivery Run evolution announcement by News Ltd

In followup to our blog entry here, News Ltd have today announced their plans for delivery & distribution going forward.

The Announcement available here, is also followed … more »

Discovery Feedback

We sincerely thank all those that have contacted us already with their personal discoveries.  Clearly QLD News approach this differently to News Ltd in the other states.  And yet, presuming all … more »

Discovery Conclusion

We are now fairly certain, that due to the GST treatment of subscription credits, and subject to how Newsagents may be book-keeping their Qld Newspapers statements; it is likely Newsagents … more »

Using non-specialist brokers

We have had yet another example of a confused buyer this week, having seen a newsagency through a general business broker, instead of coming to us first. The general business … more »

Choo$ing the right agent to sell your business Will make you more money!

Choosing the right agent is vital in the sale of any business especially yours.  Not only does industry experience count, but how that experience is implemented in marketing and negotiation … more »