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Choo$ing the right agent to sell your business Will make you more money!

Choosing the right agent is vital in the sale of any business especially yours.  Not only does industry experience count, but how that experience is implemented in marketing and negotiation will be the deciding factor in whether you get the highest possible price or not.

If you are looking to sell your business, go online and search on broker web sites.  Who gives you and your purchaser the best opportunity to get the information they want instantly?

The team at Newsagencies For Sale  have the best resources at their disposal to ensure that your business is profiled to as many potential purchasers as possible.  Do an audit of Business Brokers and see what you come up with.  Below are a few questions to get you started.

Can you read their site in a Foreign Language ?

Can you ask for an agent to contact you on every page?

Do they have industry experience across a multitude of sectors?

Do they have the backing of a major industry body?

Do they have an up to date, fresh marketing image?

Do they have a high ranking on Google?

Can you search for listings on their web site? Or do you have to trawl through everything?

Are they published on key newsagency industry matters ?

Do they attend newsagency industry meetings ?

Do they have a Platinum Subscription on

So how did the others match up?  To make life easy Newsagencies For Sale Pty Ltd  do all these things.  If you find another Broker who does, please let us know.