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Why use a specialist broker

Newsagency ownership has a range of potentially complex requirements which help setup their degrees of protection from competition. To ensure that a buyer can carry on trading the business to full benefit, and make the profitability the previous owner enjoyed, you would not want to miss anything in the process.

When buying privately or through a broker who does not understand the very latest effects to the newsagency channel; the buyer runs the risk of compromising their returns post settlement.

Also, sellers at times may not fully disclose influences to the business; so without a specialist broker, will you know the right questions to ask to fully understand the opportunity and make an informed judgement ?

Newsagencies For Sale Pty Ltd  is the premier newsagency brokerage in Queensland & New South Wales specializing in only the sale of newsagencies throughout those States.  Our Brokers are recent or current Newsagents with hands on experience.

The role of Newsagencies For Sale is to introduce a Buyer to a Seller and to make the Buyers transition into the industry as smooth as possible. Our Sellers service is free to the Buyer and includes:

  • Educating the buyer on the Newsagency Industry in general including understanding K.P.I.’s
  • Introducing buyers to a range of suitable businesses & conducting the sale negotiation
  • The preparation of an State Law Society based Specialty Contract with clauses for buyers protection
  • Liaising with Buyer and Seller’s solicitors & accountants
  • Providing advice on Supplier application & Stocktake requirements
  • Provision of exclusively created process checklists
  • Recommending, if required, suitable specialist legal, financial and accounting assistance.

Why would anyone try to take this complex process on without a Newsagency Industry Specialist ?