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Welcome to Newsagencies For Sale, a News & Lottery Agency business brokerage with no comparison.

As business owners ourselves, we know that heading into unfamiliar territory at times can be both exciting & daunting.

Our goal through this website and personal communication once a Confidentiality Agreement is in place, is to help you make an informed judgement.

Newsagencies are an elite business type that don’t share the savage competition issues of other industries, with some facts that should be known in advance, to understand their unique & diverse opportunity.

Wanting to buy and run an established business is just the first step, but you will likely have to convince others along the way.

To get you started, you need to ask yourself :-

  • Do I have sufficent existing assets & cash reserves that will underpin the purchase & initial operating ?
  • Have I qualified my affordability with a financier before spending a lot of time researching ?
  • Have I done a budget to cover the complete purchase ? goodwill + stock + contract process + applications + training fees etc ?question-mark
  • Can I create a Business Plan that may convince Tatts Lotteries, the Landlord, Key publishers and my Financier that I can be successful ?
  • Can I demonstrate to Tatts that I understand that business plan and how to implement it ?
  • Can I create and forecast a Cashflow Analysis ?
  • Can I demonstrate to Tatts that I understand that Cashflow and how to monitor it ?
  • Due to the nature of Soft Gambling license standards, can I demonstrate to Tatts I can comprehend and articulate English to their expectation ?
  • Do I have an Accountant I can trust to give me current un-biased advice ?
  • What Ownership structure is going to suit my personal circumstances ?
  • and most importantly, Does the newsagency industry suit my personal intentions ?

Newsagencies come in a variety of types, values, and potential return on investment & time. Initial research can be found here

All newsagencies are priced on the return to 2 working owners doing reasonable hours, before proprietor earnings, interest, depreciation, taxation and adjustments. (noted as Owners Profit on our advertising). Simply put, the Owners Profit is what is available to you to service any debt you may create, and give you a return on your time. Through ownership tax advantages, you can generally earn less net income in a business compared to employment by others, but enjoy a similar standard of living.

At times you may be only “buying a job” for yourself and your partner, and there is nothing wrong with that. It’s still a viable earnings option where other options may be limited. Other times you may be buying a “business” where you will need staff support in excess of the hours you attend personally. Either way, a business gives you an opportunity to personally influence and improve your earning capacity, where employment is limited by any potential for a pay rise.

The first step is to ask the above questions of yourself, your professional advisors, and your trusted Newsagencies For Sale Broker; so you can make an informed judgement if a News and/or Lottery agency will fulfil your business desires.

We welcome the opportunity to be of service, and can provide significantly more exclusively created information, once a Confidentiality Agreement is in place.