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Types of Newsagency

Not all newsagencies are the same.

In broad terms, below is a variety you will discover in the marketplace :-

  1. Stand alone shop in a small community
  2. Strip shop accompanied by other services (bakery, pharmacy etc)
  3. Central Business District (CBD) Mall
  4. CBD Strip Shop or High Street
  5. Convenience Shopping Centre (up to 10 tenancies)
  6. Large Drive-In Shopping Centre  (10-50 tenancies)
  7. Sub Regional Shopping Centre (2 – 4 major tenants)
  8. Regional Shopping Centre (4 or more major tenants)

Beyond this, within these broad definitions, are Brands of Newsagency.

And then each have different make-ups, such as any mixure of :-

  1. Retail
  2. Retail with Lotteries
  3. Retail with sub-franchises (eg ABC Books, Cartridge World, Darryl Lea etc)
  4. Retail with Home Delivery & distribution
  5. Lotteries Only (kiosks mostly)
  6. Home delivery & Distribution only

Values of these opportunities vary subject to numerous factors; but mostly, it all comes down to “what will suit your intentions”.  If that business make up does not suit your personal business intentions, then value is arbitrary.

As demonstrated above, Newsagencies enjoy a wide variety of business make-up, and skills learnt often transcend easily to different models.

Newsagency owners can often reach a revenue ceiling in smaller shop types, and may wish to sell their business to avail opportunity to take on a larger shop or shop with a higher foot traffic opportunity. The beauty is, there is almost always something else to grow into.

Identifying your business intentions and  affordability early, can help you realise opportunity as it presents.

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