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Confidentiality Agreement Terms & Conditions


•I/We Hereby acknowledge that Newsagencies For Sale Pty Ltd is providing information concerning the business entities, newsagency industry and brokerage exclusive documents and intellectual property (the confidential information) and undertake not to use such confidential information for any competitive purpose whatsoever.

•I/We agree, not without the express written consent of Newsagencies For Sale Pty Ltd, to use or permit any information or document or intellectual property provided by Newsagencies For Sale Pty Ltd in whole or in part to be passed on, transmitted, published or extracted for use by any other parties whatsoever.

•I/We undertake not to discuss or disclose the confidential information with anyone other than our financial and/or legal advisors in order to gain finance, accounting or legal advice solely to evaluate the potential purchase of the business entity.

•I/We agree not to speak to or make direct contact with the Seller or their staff and that all contact with the Seller is through the agent or as he/she may direct.

•I/We acknowledge that Newsagencies For Sale Pty Ltd and the Seller and its Solicitors believe that the confidential information provided is accurate to the best of their knowledge,

•I/We acknowledge that no representation or warranty has been made as to the accuracy or completeness of the material.

•I/We agree that neither Newsagencies For Sale Pty Ltd nor the Seller or its Solicitors has any liability to us or to any of our representatives arising from the selection or use of the confidential information by us or our associates.

•I/We understand that no information will be provided until I/We have talked directly with a Newsagencies For Sale Business Broker