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Tatts Training Requirements

As almost all retail newsagencies are open over 50hrs a week (an acceptable single person working week), Tatts / The Lott / NSW Lotteries / Golden Casket require 2 (two) people to hold a Tatts Soft Gambling License for every shop, with the view that at least 1 (one) licensed person is in attendance during all open hours.

If you are a single owner/purchaser, you may have a family member complete that training with you, or engage an existing responsible adult staff member to be the second licence holder. This second person will have to complete all ownership level training as they are likely to have only attended retail training so far.

Tatts / NSW Lotteries / Golden Casket require all incoming agents to attend 2 weeks mandatory training when taking over a Lottery Agency / Newsagency with Lotteries. Costs for this training are noted elsewhere.

The 1st week (5 days) is at their head office and the 2nd week (6 days) is at an Endorsed Training Outlet (ETO).

The ETO is essentially an operating shop which has a high compliance in Tatts methods, and becomes a very well appreciated practical experience.

All buyers on the Purchase Contract must attend the interview and training process, and regional purchasers will need to travel to attend such Training.

All contracts for purchase of a newsagency with lotteries, are subject to Tatts training schedule, available from your Newsagency Specialist Broker.

The Training schedule sets up the contract timeline, with a designated monthly training start date. We suggest a contract should be signed no later than 5 weeks before that training start date which kicks off  an 8-9 week process of application, interview, training and then granting of a licence permitting settlement.

The initial submission process requires (amongst other things) creation and provision of a Business Plan & Cashflow forecast. Newsagencies For Sale can provide exclusively created examples of Tatts expectation for these requirements, to registered Newsagencies For Sale buyers under contract.

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