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Tatts advise update to Golden Casket fees and charges

Tatts have announced a range of changes to Golden Casket fees and charges.

In particular, they draw attention to pages 13 & 14 of the Franchise Information Kit linked here

(GC Franchise Information Kit August 2015)

Some of this was blogged here, but we see a new advice regarding the ongoing service levy’s. (extracted below)

“Charge in respect of the sale of Lottery Products, excluding Player Cards
1.2% (incl GST) of Subscriptions for all Entries in all Public Lotteries conducted by the Franchisor other than Instant Scratch-Its Tickets which will incur a fee of 0.77% (incl GST) of Subscriptions.”

We post this for ongoing buyer awareness, all part of Newsagencies For Sale policy to provide Informed Judgement