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Sellers Decision

Your Decision to Sell!

The decision to sell a business is a crucial one yet surprisingly, a number of people rush into the decision without adequate preparation or professional advice – the decision is guided more by emotion than logic.

Selling any business is a complicated matter. Selling a Newsagency, with all the publisher/distributor and Tatts/Golden Casket’s ever changing requirements is even more complicated.  You should only trust this process to a Newsagency Specialist Broker.

Whilst you have every right to attempt this yourself, some of the problems that may arise include :-

  • finding the significant time needed to market, educate and dedicate to presenting the business,
  • setting the right price for the business to maximise price and achieve a goal in a timely fashion,
  • presenting the business financials and key information in a manner that does not cause mis-representations,
  • marketing costs and time in finding and qualifying prospective buyers for it,
  • evaluating offers and closing deals in a timely, safe, legal and fair manner,
  • Arranging a contract that minimises the potential for a buyer to litigate against you later.
  • Understanding the ever changing Tatts application demands & processes that can easily fail an unprepared buyer.

Newsagencies For Sale’s aim is to provide their clients with an unparalleled level of service. We also offer owners an honest assessment of their business, which can be very useful in preparing the business for sale.