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Retail boosted by strong December Sales

Australian Bureau of Statistics have released figures for the final month of 2015, showing a 4% increase in sales !

Reported by Stationery News here, “This growth backs up a 4.2 percent year on year growth in November 2015, with Christmas gift buying at the heart of the boost in trade. Total retail spend for December 2015 was $24.8 billion”

Newsagencies with a strong adoption of Gifts, Toys & Plush; will have enjoyed this documented peak season profit increase.

Newsagencies, like no other small business model in Australia, are able to enjoy the most diverse range of potential products or services.

Further good news comes from Point Of Sales company, Tower Systems. Mark Fletcher of Tower VLOG’s here, conveying real data from the December 2015 quarter on newsagency benchmarks, highlighting the successes of the quiet achievers, but also, the reality that many newsagents are yet to truly diversify.

For those wanting to buy a newsagency, the entrepreneurial purchaser can use this data to clearly see areas for improvement for some of our listings, presenting pathways of “blue sky” for sales growth.

Call our Specialist Brokers today, to discuss how a Newsagency could fulfil your business intentions.