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Newsagency Trade Opportunities

The entrepreneurial newsagent is proactively chasing and engaging a raft of trade improvement opportunities, not available to most business types.

A lot of industries have a regular income stream, but little opportunity to make “cream” profits. Bakeries, Takeaways, Management Rights, Coffee shops etc as example do not benefit the way a Newsagency can benefit from seasonal & diverse revenue sales.

To be more specific, Newsagencies at their core, are well accepted eclectic retail outlets, already enjoying a broad perception of the products and services expected by the general public. It’s about diversifying, having a few square metres of many complimentary things, to increase per customers spending, and improve overall average sales.


Below are just some examples to help start your entrepreneurial imagination :-

Gifts. Leveraging off existing greeting card & wrap sales, proactive newsagents are finding strong demand for varied Gift Lines. Reed Gift Fairs and GHA Fairs  provide a seemingly endless source of inspiration and opportunity to enhance revenue.

A developing benchmark is seeing, that if a newsagency has not gotten into gifts, there is a strong likelihood in the 1st year, of achieving 30% of Greeting Card Sales in new Gift Sales. That can then potentially match or surpass Greeting Card Sales in the years to come if the owners work the category. At 50% or more in Gross Profit margin, it just makes sense to pursue this revenue stream.

An strong emerging sub-sector of gifts includes Plush, that is, fluffy animals and collectables with some new lines providing a very tactile experience.

Toys. Not to be just lumped in with Gifts, Toys are a distinct category on their own. The Australian Toy Association also hold Fairs annually. Adding a range of toys with a wide variety of price points, has proven many times to be a nice profit enhancer.

Books. Sure Borders went broke trying to sell 1000m2 of books, but Newsagencies can do very well with staples like discount novels & Mills & Boon titles from a couple of square meters, a tressle table or a display bin.

Tech Based Stationary. Mobile phones & their accessories leverage off already strong foot traffic for pre-paid phone recharge. USB storage has demand and then Ink & Toner is a repeat consumable category that Newsagents have embraced with success.

Fashion Stationary. Emergence of certain stationery “brands” has created a following for Fashion Stationery. ie, stationery products that present much better than the fundamental versions for binders, folders, stands, notepads, desk accessories, diaries and so much more. Offices and Professionals have been adopting these new products with eagerness, and Newsagents are capable of wholesale purchase of some of these ranges to broaden the traditional stationery range.

and many more mostly high margin products (40 to 50%+ gross profit), marketed and merchandised to take advantage of :-

Back to School. Whether it’s general Stationary sales support to parents, or organised contracts with schools for all their book lists; this can be a very lucrative revenue stream, underpinning year round relationships for supplementary provisions.

Valentines. Cards ! Loads of Cards, but also gifts, chocolates, fresh or silk roses, plush teddy’s and any number of other high gross profit lines. A great outpost opportunity.

Back to Uni. University, College and Tafe students are more likely to buy fashion stationery when presented with that opportunity, along with the favourites like 5 subject notebooks.

Easter. Chocolates & Sugar eggs, Darrell Lea products, Cards and even decorative things like easter bonnets & little chickens, these are all upsell items.

Mothers Day. Premium emotive greeting cards. Add gift wrap, gift boxes & bags, bows ribbon and any number of Gift lines, and you have the makings for annual peak profits.

Financial Year. Financial Year Diaries, log books, Collins journals are just the start. Have a “Stocktake Sale !”

Fathers Day. Cards again, ok, not as spectacular as the support of Mothers Day, but still well patronised. Gift lines and wrap, its limited only by your imagination, and your understanding of your customer demographic.

Halloween. Newsagents were the leaders in marketing this season. Many suppliers have massive ranges of novelties to support Halloween. Jack-o-lanterns for trick or treat spoils, bulk confectionery bags for treats, decorations for the house, props, bats, spider webs, pitch forks for the little devils; this American Holiday is now providing shrewd Newsagents, new sales revenue to rival Valentines !

Graduation. Teachers presents of gratitude, childrens accomplishment acknowledgement, & not to forget religious specifics like Confirmation & Communion.

Overseas Xmas. Box Christmas Cards are the ticket here. Tressle table loads, piled high out the front. Add a nice mix of charity support box cards, and you really can’t go wrong.

Calendars. Magazine companies will send a few, with the usual 25% GP margin, but the entreprenures will order early, direct from a number of suppliers that will offer 50%+ GP Margin for all the high demand titles with massive choice.

Xmas. Gifts, cards and a truck load of Roll Wrap ! Some marketing groups also offer Gift Cards which are statistically very worthwhile to a retailer.

Diaries. Calendar Year Diaries are still in demand by many, and enjoy a good margin for Newsagents.

& not to forget Tatts planned Superdraws & Megadraws, and unplanned Jackpots, which all drag in significant foot traffic, for the savvy Newsagent to leverage such sales from.

Simply start such product displays between the Entrance and Lotto Counter, and watch the sales improve !

The above is an example of the diversity available to Newsagents, to enhance sales and profits.


Our Newsagencies For Sale brokers and we will happily discuss any aspect at your convenience.