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Newsagency Training

There are additional training avenues available to incoming and prospective newsagents.

These are:

  • On the Job Training with the Seller
  • Cert IV in Retail Management
  • Engaging a Relief Newsagent to work side by side in your business.

Sellers are contracted to provide the Buyer, at no cost, a standard of two to three weeks on the job training in the business. The timing of this training is a matter for negotiation between the Seller and the Buyer however, as a general rule, the best results are achieved with two weeks training being conducted before Settlement and one week after.

This does not include a Buyers Trial Period, which is generally not accepted by any newsagent.

Beyond this, Relief Newsagents can be a wealth of knowledge as they have usually experienced a number of different shops. Engaging a Relief Newsagent should not be limited to covering yourself to go on holidays. Working side by side with one, could avail efficencies in practices they have seen elsewhere, that could make your working weeks far more enjoyable.

Work smarter, not harder !  The above training means can adequately provide confidence in operating your new business.

You can Click Here for a Newsagencies For Sale Business Broker to get back to you.