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Newsagency ownership becoming more family friendly

As the newsagency industry works through the News Ltd T2020¬†transition of removing delivery runs from the retail newsagency; buyers are foreseeing the positive’s already.

Newsagencies will (for the most part) become retail only, with owners doing less work hours each week, and not requiring very early starts.

The average newsagency presently opens 71 retail hours a week.

Current early retail starts have been driven by the delivery run. Owners took an opinion, “well, the run is finished, may as well open the shop and accept trade”.

Whilst some shops do a roaring early trade with commuters or tradies, others would not open that early (5-6am) if they had the choice.  So this will likely see a progression of later opening times and an average retail week in the low 60 hours.

Of the roughly 4,700 newsagencies in Australia, 62% do some form of deliveries, 92% of which have a retail shop also.

Given the phone calls we are getting, we envisage more young families seriously considering a newsagency as a viable business ownership choice due to the lessening demands for an owners time.

This change to delivery runs improves the ratio of return on time, providing young families more irreplaceable time with the kids, whilst permitting the owners entrepreneurial flair to take shackles of their income potential.

As an evolving industry due to new and exciting revenue streams replacing slowing print media revenue; fresh ideas will always be welcome.

Your Newsagencies For Sale Business Broker welcomes your call to discuss how this can benefit you.