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Newsagencies 2015

The ANF have just published their annual N-View magazine for Newsagents

To start in reflection, the key 2014 newsagency numbers include :-

Number of newsagents in Australia

  • 2262 Shop + delivery
  • 1239 Shop only
  • 162 Delivery only
  • 12,120 Sub-agents

Annual Newsagent Turnover $2 billion

Total Greeting Card wrap & accessories $600 million

Newsagent Magazine Sales $585 million out of $905 milli0n total

More than 54% of newsagents report Gift sales increases of 5% or more in the past year

More than 42% of newsagents report Greeting Card sales increased more than 5% in the past year

More than 50.5% of newsagents report Lotteries increased more than 5% in the past year

Newsagents employ 15,900 people, making them a vital part of Australia’s economy and major SME employers.

Newsagency ownership can be very rewarding, leveraging eclectic retail from significant foot traffic. Enquire with our brokers today !