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News Ltd’s T2020 Cancelled

Late yesterday, News Ltd’s updated their announcement, stating they are discontinuing the T2020 trial process.

For newsagency buyers, this brings removes the uncertainty. As the newsagency’s structure will not have to change now, prior trade performance should remain an indicator of future profits available to a buyer.

Newsagency buyers considering to buy a newsagents business that had home delivery have always had the choice to keep the run, or not sign a News Ltd contract, and start their new business as Retail only.

The annoucement can be found here; a News Ltd website is being created to provide updates here; and your Newsagencies For Sale Broker will gladly take a call to discuss how this assists in your buying consideration.

News Ltd will now encourage voluntary consolidation of delivery runs to help newsagents create economy of scale.

Retail margin of newspapers remains the same at 25% (12.5+12.5%) for those with a distribution and retail contract. Existing sub-agents remain the same with 10-12.5% margin on their newspaper sales.