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Magazine distributors are merging

In Australia, Newsagents get their magazines through distributors, not direct from the magazine publishers. There are 2 primary distributors, Gordon & Gotch and Network Services, then a smaller distributor IPS, operated by Fairfax.

Gordon GotchNetwork Services were the distribution business on behalf of ACP; who were taken over by Bauer Media around October 2012, and recent announcements see Bauer deciding to get out of distribution, setting up an agreement with PMP, the owner of Gordon & Gotch, to take over distributing Bauer & other titles presently distributed by Network Services. The announcement mentions it will be transitional.

So, what does this mean to a Newsagency buyer ? It will simplify. You will hold one account instead of 2, which will create all sorts of efficiencies. We see this as a significant positive for the Newsagency channel and look forward to seeing the outcome.