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Job redundancy provides business opportunity

As the QLD government continues to cut back their labour force, those facing redundancy have a choice. Search for a new job, or, consider owning your own business.

Given the number of phone calls we have been taking recently, obviously a lot are considering to buy a business with existing and stable profitability. The languishing performance of superannuation funds has also forced many semi-retirees to look for ways to supplement their income, and an existing business can be a very good way to achieve this.

We uniquely have a comprehensive round of documents available to our clients about the Newsagency Industry and the purchase process; supporting our company policy to give our buyers the most informed judgement possible when considering a newsagency purchase.

Taking charge of your future can be a daunting prospect. Exciting, concerning, exhilarating and unknown.  Society often under appreciates experience, so looking for a new job can be equally daunting.

The first thing you should do is work out your budget & affordability; after all, you are looking for a return on your investment, and a return on your time. Contacting one of our industry specialist financiers can get you a quick idea of your purchasing power.

Going into business for the first time can be immensely rewarding.  Most people know in themselves if they have what it takes to run their own business. They are diligent with their personal finances, know how to keep to a budget, and normally have good customer service & social skills which lends to being a good retailer.

Our business brokers have all faced this question personally before, and have years of experience in a variety of businesses. If you want to seriously consider to buy a newsagency to take charge of your own future, call our Business Brokers today to discuss if a newsagents business may suit your entrepreneurial future.