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As specialist newsagency only business brokers, we see hundreds of financials from varied accountants, and unfortunately have to say, many times, an Accountant or book-keeper simply gets it wrong.

We know this from broad in-depth personal newsagency operational experience, and due diligence reports during a contract.

With this incomparable experience, we assist our sellers by :-

  • maximising the addbacks, leaving nothing on the table
  • enhancing your reported owners profit to underpin your asking price
  • minimising the chances of being sued for mis-representation later
  • verifying through KPI’s the likelyhood of passing a due diligence

We have seen too many newsagency owners in financial hardship, supposedly making a profit, yet have no cash left over to service debt, creditors or wages.

The tragedy is that the business was probably not making a real profit, and the Accountants figures that the owners were making  business judgements from, were wrong. The sooner you know this, the sooner you can make changes to turn things around.

Common problems stem from :-

  • Accountants who do not know how to treat lotteries commissions, wrongly thinking they are sales & costs
  • Lotteries being “double-dipped” eg comms and also Sales vs Costs
  • Failure to close end of financial year correctly
  • Incorrect treatment of GST
  • Breakdowns of sales & costs by department that do not match KPI’s
  • Lack of stocktakes to qualify cost of goods.

As part of our Appraisal consultancy, or Listing service, we do not “just get you on the market”. Preparation is everything.

You generally only get one chance to make a First Impression !

We maximise the buyers opinion to the credibility of your business through careful review of your provided listing information and financials, to minimise points of contention, and increase the opportunity to convert genuine interest into an offer.

This unparalleled service has created many “offers within a week of listing”, so maximise your market appeal by only listing with Newsagencies For Sale.

The above is only a fraction of what we can identify in our service, so call for an initial discussion.