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Does Online really effect a retail newsagency ?

Business Insider Australia have reported today, that online purchase delivery delays are not likely to get better anytime soon.

There is much speculation over online sales taking away from retail shops. But online can not compete with the convenience factor of a Retail Newsagency.

As Newsagency transactions are on average only $10 to $12; disproportionate delivery costs and time taken to deliver an item bought online, simply can’t compete with the bricks and mortar Newsagency shop that has that single pencil for sale when you need it, nor the tactile experience of browsing a magazine, or finding that most appropriate gift or greeting card.

Online retail purchases are rarely convenient.

Statista, The Statistics Port, report the average value of online shopping orders in the USA is over US$70. As a Newsagents average transaction is only $10-$12; there really is little threat to a newsagency.

The Lott in Australia have been growing their internet sales, and yet, Retail lottery agents have performed consistently since around 2006 when internet lotteries first became available. The internet sales have mostly added to The Lott’s trade, not really taken away from the personal service provided by the Australian communities loyal small business, the Newsagent.

Small business is the backbone of the Australian economy, and Newsagencies are Australia’s most diverse and flexible small business model. No other small business type offers more products or services to the public, or has the ability to adapt & embrace new revenue streams (gifts, plush, toys, books, parcel collection, Ladbrokes and the list goes on, & on….).