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GST Discovery on News Ltd Statements

Thank you for contacting QNF Sales for this detail.

We are now fairly certain, that due to the GST treatment of subscription credits, and subject to how you may be book-keeping your News Ltd statements; it is likely Newsagents who have customers subscribe directly to News Ltd; could be under-claiming their entitled GST.

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This is an example of how QNF Sales’ in-depth industry knowledge can add unparalleled value to your newsagency, from the specialist newsagency brokerage dedicated to supporting our newsagency industry.

QNF Sales welcomes the opportunity to be of service.

Legal disclaimer: We are a Business Brokerage, not accountants. This discovery may have an impact on your businesses profitability, subject to the details of your particular statements. QNF Sales accepts no liability for any negaitive consequence of this discovery.