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Decision Time

With 7 newsagency contracts in process over the past couple of months and more expected in the next 2 weeks, there is still plenty of activity for newsagency buyers interest.

Whilst you can buy a business at any time, sometimes there are influencing factors that dictate timelines.

Golden Casket have a specific monthly schedule that sets when a newsagency settlement can occur. As newsagencies generally make very good profits in the upcoming Christmas, Back to School & Valentines seasons, it is desirable to be settled into your new business in time to capitalise on this increased seasonal revenue.

A contract underway by Friday September 21st would have an earliest settlement date now of  November 26th.  Although Golden Casket also do training in December each year, the practicality of settling that close to Christmas is not as desirable.  Golden Casket never do training in January’s, so that makes the next settlement opportunity late February 2013 !

So if you are seriously considering a newsagency purchase, it’s Decision Time !

If you’re talking to another brokerage, how many newsagency contracts have they had recently ?

Are they up to speed on the implications of T2020 ?

Do they have comprehensive details on each of their listings, our just some fancy broad statements ?

Have they answered all your questions leaving you feeling fully informed for this important decision ?

No ?, then call QNF Sales Business Brokers today, QLD’s Premier Newsagency Specialist Brokerage to get the most informed judgement.