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Choosing a Broker

Choosing who represents your business for sale is a critical decision, and will ultimately effect the outcome and value achieved.

Amongst your choices, there are General Business Brokers who claim to be “newsagency specialists”. From buyer feedback however, we are aware those brokers all too often, will offer newsagency enquirers other business types from their portfolio. The buyers first impression is that a newsagency will suit their intentions, but the General Broker switches them to “easier to sell” business types. This inevitably de-values the newsagency channel that we are passionate about.

First Impressions Count. The appeal of your business for sale starts with the advertisement created, then the person who answers that enquiry.

  • Does your newsagency representative present a positive outlook regards the newsagency industry ?
  • Do they know all the latest supplier requirements to minimise overwhelming your buyer ?
  • Will their personal opinion and knowledge (or lack of knowledge) of the newsagency industry install buyer confidence ?
  • As buyers can go cold quickly, are they completely organised with all your critical current information, in order to keep an interest flowing ?
  • Or did they just want your listing/appointment and a marketing fee, sort the rest out later ?

When selling privately or through a broker who does not understand the very latest effects to the newsagency channel; the seller runs a greater risk post settlement.

Importantly, the (prior) number one Business For Sale portal, closed in March 2014. As this was the main site used by most brokers trying to sell your business, now more than ever, you want your advertising to reach qualified buyers, buyers searching specifically for a Newsagency For Sale. Don’t have your advertising get lost in cyberspace, you need to be on our dedicated website, which is already ranked in the top of those logical searches.

Newsagencies For Sale Pty Ltd  is the premier newsagency brokerage in Queensland & New South Wales specializing in ONLY the sale of news & lottery agencies throughout those States.  Our Brokers are current and experienced Newsagents with hands on experience.

Why would anyone risk this with a Broker who does not truly support the Newsagency Industry ?

Call  Newsagencies For Sale  today to get listed.