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Buying a newsagency just got easier

With interest rates now the lowest since the 1950’s, the return from buying a newsagency business just got better.

With corporate reshuffling and government downsizing, more mature aged employees are seriously considering taking charge of their own income, by buying an existing business.

Of all the business opportunities available, newsagencies with their degrees of protection from competition, make sense to those with good customer service experience.

Newsagencies enjoy a consumable, but not perishable product range, that creates multiple customer visitations weekly. Uniquely, sale or return supply terms on major lines, also minimises risk.

Leveraging from the significant foot traffic generated by lotteries and existing core lines; pro-active newsagents are enjoying sales growth by embracing complimentary & emerging new revenue streams.

Prices on some newsagencies now, are better than they have ever been; and with a bonus coming shortly from pending improved lotteries commissions in QLD; secure your opportunity before the actual commission increase sees prices rise.

To get a better understanding of the opportunity a newsagents business offers, call one of one of our brokers today. Our brokers are all recent or current newsagents themselves, and as true specialists, will happily answer any questions that help you make an informed judgement.