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Within the newsagency industry are various Shop Brands. These are beyond the recognisable Lotteries brands and logos. So what does this mean to a Buyer ?

Some are Marketing Groups, such as Nextra, newsXpress, News Extra & Newspower, The Lucky Charm is a semi-franchise, and some are true Franchises like WH Smiths “Supanews”. Others are simpler personal brands like Newslink or a non-affiliated shingle.

In simplified terms, the Franchises have varying fees going back to the master franchise & Marketing Groups have set membership fees to participate. Owners Profit advertised should always be after these fees are paid.

Each have merits for different reasons, but in general, branded shops hold themselves to higher service standards, and normally have higher levels of infrastructure (shop-fit quality, point of sale etc)

Each also have different contractual arrangements, so make sure you talk to your Newsagencies For Sale  Broker to understand these differences.





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