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The selling process is more successful when you consider the position of the other parties involved. “Put yourself in their shoes” for want of a better phrase.

  • What variety of business opportunities are available for a buyer to choose from ?
  • What sort of return on overall capital and return on time performed are they looking for ?
  • Will your landlord welcome a new business owner or put up road blocks ?
  • What will my buyers financier require to help them fund a purchase ?

Understanding what the Banks are presently looking for, allows you to prepare appropriately.

ANZ attended a Business Brokers Conference in FY2015, and discussed the following slides with Brokers, as a valuable insight to their expectations, when considering funding approval for a business buyer.

We highly recommend clicking the link and having a read, it’s very illuminating.

Update FY2019, POST Banking Royal Commission, financiers expectations are even more critical